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Airguard Thermoking PPR-FRP Industrial Pneumatic Pipe

Airguard Thermoking PPR-FRP Industrial Pneumatic Pipe

Detailed Description


We are offering a wide range of Compressed Air Piping System. Our Compressed Air Pipe Installation service is highly appreciated by our clients. We introduce an innovative Product with our Continuous R&D PP-R Thermo king FRP Industrial Pipes (composite FRP Middle layer) which give a Clear Aesthetic View and Better Temperature Resistance.

  • International Color Code: Blue
  • PP-R Description: Advanced Piping System

What is PP-R?

PP-R stands for Polypropylene Random Co-Polymer, it is a thermoplastic polyolefin. This material is extensively used in the pipes and fittings that have high chemical & physical properties to enhance their durability.

Why We Need PP-R?

PP-R made pipes & fittings are perfect to be used in domestic and industrial cold as well as hot water applications due to their superior quality & availability at affordable rates. Some industrial applications where these are used include chemical and compressed airlines.

When We Need PP-R?

Firms expecting a long-term performance of their piping & fittings, even in the adverse conditions, need to use PP-R. Products made with this material stand up to your quality expectations and transfer your hot & cold water without deviations.

Where We Need PP-R?

Following are some of the areas, where our high-quality PP-R find their use:

  • Advanced piping
  • Hot water applications
  • Watertight systems
  • The anti-corrosive and anti-chemical material is required for water transfer
  • No encrustation tendency is required
  • Noise dampening plastic material is needed
  • Long-term pressure resistance applications
  • Leakproof piping & fitting is required


Transport & Handling: PP-R made pipes & fittings are suggested to handles with care as a little defect can make these waste and imperfect to install.

Exposure to UV Rays- Experts holding rich knowledge about PP-R products recommend to use these after applying a protective outer coating/ layer with the main aim to avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Bending: Cold Forming method is applied to get high-quality large bends. In case the bend has 8 times shorter radius than the diameter of pipe then it is suggested to heat up its part with the aid of hot air blower.

Threaded Joints: For having excellent tightness, it is recommended to use PTFE or similar products.

Welding: Welding is suggested to be done only of chemically similar materials, hence all the polypropylene and polyethylene material should be avoided to weld. In case the materials are some of the products that are going to be a weld, it must ensure that they have almost the same fusion index.

Support: Pipes & fittings made up of PP-R are not self-contained and highly suggested to use after giving support at specific gaps.

Pipe Cutting: To have perfection in the result, PP-R made products are suggested to be cut with the aid of professional cutting tools. Use of such specialized tools ensures cuts that are free from burns and perpendicular to the axis.

Low Temperature: If you are going to use PP-R pipes below 5 degree Celsius, the following are some of the precautions that are suggested to be taken:

  • Cut the pipe with attention
  • Check the cut made
  • do not make elbow with a narrow radius
  • Avoid occurring impact & excessive strains

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